About Us

Iera Travel Sdn Bhd was established based on dreams and inspiration director of the company in 2014, previously known Inteam Symbol Trading. Have experience in bus transportation for 8 years from various bus transport sectors namely express buses, chartered buses, corporate buses, factory buses, intermediary buses, one-stop buses and tourist buses. Inteam Symbol Trading was also selected to establish a cooperation contract with Ungku Omar Polytechnic Cooperative for seven (7) years starting from 2015 until now.

Iera Travek Sdn Bhd also providing individual or group tour packages by managing bus,van or car transport, booking hotel, flight ticket booking and also travel insurance to tourist. By providing the best service, which can create an great impact for the economic growth of the country and increase the transport industry and tourism.

Tourism is a very important source of the country's economy, with uniqueness culture,history and nature indirectly make attraction to domestic and foreign tourists to come to Malaysia. Tourism too making it a wise area of investment to increase the growth of the industry country. So Iera Travel hereby offers transportation and package services holiday to facilitate foreign and local tourists to the destination interesting found in Malaysia.


To support the community of public and private institutions to provide facilities for tourism services and bus transportation at Peninsular Malaysia, especially in the State of Perak by the year 2030.


Our goal is to help the country's economic growth by providing our customers with the best bus transportation services and tour packages at the best possible market price without comprising quality.